Pool Covers

Four Seasons – 1 Cover

Your cover is all it takes for year-round pool protection. This multi-tasking cover acts as a safety cover, a solar cover, and a winter cover, all combined into one. Designed to be used every day during the swimming season, a Cover-Pools automatic cover gives you peace of mind at the simple turn of a key. In under a minute your pool is easily covered or uncovered. During the off season, the cover acts as a winter cover to protect the pool! The powerful mechanism and motor contribute to the most advanced cover system on the market today and are available exclusively from us! Whether you’re in Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland or even around Marco Island in Florida, we can help you save money and save lives with our automatic pool covers!

How Does It Work?

The driving force behind every automatic pool cover system is our
state-of-the-art mechanisms and motors. The high-grade stainless-steel and anodized-aluminum mechanism is specifically suited to the pool environment and contributes to smooth operation and overall longevity of the system.

The T4®, our latest model of automatic pool cover, is the toughest system on the market today, available exclusively from Tri-State Pool Covers. It is the elegant workhorse of the pool cover industry.

Customize Your Pool Cover

Your pool cover system is made especially for your pool. Consult with your representative to help you choose the system to match your pool, design, and budget. Each custom cover system includes standard or optional components from the following list. We provide a unique component track accessory so any pool–whether concrete, vinyl or fiberglass, rectangular or free form, new or existing–can be covered. Tri-State Pool Covers also offers many options to protect and hide the mechanism and keep your pool beautiful.

Want something special on your cover?

No Problem! We offer eleven standard fabric colors for your pool cover. You can also choose from an extended collection of special-order colors or create your own custom graphic.

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