Spa Covers

Covana Automatic Gazebo & Cover

Creative Innovation

 Have you ever come home from a long day at the office or perhaps you just put the kids to bed and wanted to unwind in your hot tub but thought it’s too much effort or it’s too cold to go outside to lift your waterlogged spa cover. Did you think, I wish it could lift itself? Shift your spa experience from the daunting task of lifting the cumbersome cover to enjoying your spa more often than ever before. The spa cover is an automated all in one spa cover/gazebo enclosure that rises above your spa at the turn of a key.


Ensures Privacy

Was your backyard your sanctuary until one day a family with children moved in next door? Privacy disappeared! Plus now you worry about safety, is your hot tub secure from children trying to open the cover and use it? What would happen if one day when you are not home they come over and try to get into your hot tub? What if the heavy cover falls? Turn your backyard hot tub into the relaxing refuge it once was. With our spa covers, automated all-in-one hot tub cover/gazebo enclosure safety and privacy are no longer a concern. The covers shades and screens provide privacy and shelter, the keyed entry provides absolute security and safety.


Added Safety

Is safety a concern for you? Have you considered having a hot tub in your backyard but thought the safety issues of having an accessible body of water outweighed the benefits? Have you ever questioned leaving your teenagers home alone for fear that they may have a hot tub party in your absence? Ever come home from being away on vacation, only to find out that an intruder or uninvited guest has enjoyed your spa? Fear no more, the cover system securely locks in place either extended or closed. Its keyed entry provides absolute security and safety. When in the lowered position, the cover can support up to 600 pounds, providing more barrier protection than any other pool safety device. This is by far the best & safest hot tub cover on the market.

Enhance Well-being

Did you know that more than half of all North Americans currently suffer from health problems directly related to stress levels? These issues can include increased blood pressure, headaches, chronic back pain and other related illnesses cause by a weakened immune system. Mental health issues such as anxiety and insomnia are also linked to heightened levels of stress. Are you concerned about your stress level, physical health or arthritis and have been instructed that hydrotherapy would benefit you; however you cannot lift a cover alone? Or you just don’t want the hassle of running out in the cold and taking off your hot tub cover?

The spa cover is built to provide years of worry-free performance and protection. Similar to garage door systems, minimal horsepower is required, lowering the costs and wear and tear on components substantially. It is a fantastic opportunity for a consumer who may have thought they couldn’t lift a “traditional” spa cover, for instance, seniors and handicapped adults. Combining your spa with an automated spa cover will allow you to use your spa more and reap the benefits of hydrotherapy, as well as the added benefit of being able to use your spa in adverse weather conditions with the protective shades.